Eat Like Sir. John A. Macdonald on Canada Day

June 28, 2019

Want to eat like Sir John A. Macdonald on Canada Day? Are you ready for a dinner of fresh oysters, consommé, lamb cutlets, and roast duck? Canada’s first prime minister was known to love his rich, sumptuous foods, and even managed to prevent the secession of Nova Scotia over a roast duck dinner cooked by his wife, Lady Agnes! While oysters and roast duck might be a bit of a tall order to handle this weekend, we’ve got you covered with a few of our own favourite recipes below!

Burger au Poivre

Looking to get a little fancy with your Canada Day dish? Look no further than this burger recipe (featuring grass-fed beef from NIKU Farms!) from Chef Adam Alguire, of Toronto’s own Café Cancan. Find the recipe here! (p.s. the recipe was featured on Edit Seven.

Father's Day Niku Burger Recipe

Chimichurri Meatballs

We loved this recipe that our friend Meghan Kelly from @realistic.holistic shared with us! The recipe is gluten, dairy, and egg-free, and is paleo compliant!

Vegetable, garlic, and herb roast chicken

Not in the mood for roast duck? Try this awesome roast chicken recipe from our good friend and nutritionist Sarah Goldstien!

Stuffed Peppers

For a great, fool-proof dinner idea, how about this stuffed pepper recipe, using tomatoes, grass-fed beef and parmesan cheese? This recipe is always a crowd pleaser, and it’s an easy one to whip up ahead of time, so you can spend the day with the family, instead of in the kitchen.

Stuffed Peppers Blog-2

The “Ultimate Summery Salad”

Sara also created this beautiful salad, which features summer vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers. You can find the recipe here on her blog! This would make an amazing side dish for any barbecue!                

Gochujang Pork Shoulder Steaks

Check out Bon Apetit’s recipe for anther show-stopping recipe: Gochujan pork shoulder steaks (and grab some amazing pasture-raised pork butt chops for the recipe from our website)!

Why Aren't We Grilling More Pork Shoulder Steaks

What will you be serving up this weekend? Share your favourite recipes with us in the comments, or on Facebook or Instagram!