Conscious & Local

We are conscious consumers on a mission to provide everyone in our communities with high quality, responsibly-raised meat, directly from local farms.

Trust the Meat You Eat

Most meat in commercial grocery stores come from a broken system that in the process damages farmers, animals, and the environment.

We built NIKU Farms to bring farming back to sustainable basics.

We handpick farms that raise animals the right way: on pasture, eating what they’re meant to eat. This allows you to make sound purchases that will both benefit the environment and your family. We have meat delivered directly from our partner farms to homes across Ontario.

Our Standards

We have high standards for our partner farms. With partnerships built on trust and respect, we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare, and we’re focused on providing full traceability and transparency.

Honest Farms & Ethical Raising

Our partner farms focus on their animals’ health and wellbeing. No industrial practices, no confined spaces, no cutting corners. We only work with farmers that are dedicated to doing the right thing, and are always looking for ways to improve.

100% Grass-Fed
& Chemical-Free

All of the animals are raised completely on pasture, free to roam around and graze as they please. They are fed pesticide-free grass, with poultry and pigs supplemented with non-GMO feed. No antibiotics, no added hormones.

Our Team

jake headshot

Jake Goldberg

I’m Jake. I’m passionate about sustainability, and living out of my tent as much as I can. Once I learned more about the food I feed to my family, I knew we had to switch to pasture raised meat. I now spend my time exploring opportunities to grow NIKU Farms.

luke headshot

Luke Armstrong

Dedicated to living life with genuine curiosity and good food. I watch every Bon Appetit YouTube video the hour it's published. I’m also constantly sourcing top ingredients for my next meal, from sustainable Papua New Guinean coffee beans, to pasture raised meat. Building NIKU Farms lets me stay curious, and share the best of what I find with others.

deanna headshot

Deanna Tsang

Hey there! I’m Deanna and I can talk about all the best/worst Super Bowl ads (but don’t ask me about football). I curate and produce relevant content for the NIKU Farms community. I strongly believe in being a part of honest initiatives, whether it’s through operations or values – working with the team here allows me to be a part of something fundamentally good.

ejaz headshot

Ejaz Khan

Hi I’m Ejaz! I’m a people person, problem-solver, and self-proclaimed philomath. I focus on creating synchronicity between our customers, our operations, and our long term vision. I joined NIKU because I believe that the food we consume should be produced ethically and served to consumers in the cleanest, most natural way possible. I believe NIKU does just that.

kelly headshot

Kelly Chong

Introspective dreamer designing accessible and delightful web experiences for our customers. I’m passionate about social impact, product design, and ultimate-frisbee! When asked “why NIKU?” I respond with: sustainable practices + a transparent business + doing good = an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on.

michael headshot

Michael Engerer

I build infrastructure to smooth-out interactions between our website and its external dependencies. I typically spend my free time gaming or learning new skills. NIKU Farms has provided a platform for me to understand the importance of nature-friendly alternatives to our current food supply system, and hone my software developer skills.

myles headshot

Myles Bennett

Hi I'm Myles! I implement the visual elements of our web application that customers interact with. I have a passion for sports and all things tech. What drew me to NIKU is the opportunity to be a part of a business that is committed to making a difference in the way we think about the food that we are consuming and its impact on sustainability.

william headshot

William Matthews

My passion is providing the best customer service for every single customer at Niku Farms. When I’m not working here, I’m also a customer success consultant and a professional playwright.