About Us.

We are conscious consumers who, like you, have embarked on a journey to question the meat we eat with our families. We have discovered that the meat sold in most grocery stores and butcher shops comes from a broken system that is damaging to farmers, animals, the environment, and the health of consumers. We understand that consumers want a change, and they are more than willing to spend a few extra few dollars for high quality, ethically raised meat.

We've built NIKU to make this change convenient and straightforward for you. We simplify the process by hand-picking the best farms that raise animals the right way, so you can make sound purchases that are better for the environment, and for your family. Together with our partner farms, we're on a mission to provide everyone in our community with easy access to high quality, healthy and responsibly raised food.

Our Standards:

Our Standards are very high. Our partner farms raise all of their animals on wide open pasture with clean and ethical practices. No Antibiotics. No Hormones.

Small Scale Farms:

The farms on our platform do not use any industrial practices or house the animals in confined spaces. All animals are cared for by farmers who focus on their health and wellbeing to ensure quality and nourishment of the meat they are providing.

100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef:

Cattle is raised on pasture, free to roam and graze naturally, and fed a diet of pesticide free grass. During the colder months, the cattle are typically fed hay that was made on the farms.

Pasture Raised Poultry and Pork:

Poultry and pigs are fed a natural diet with non-GMO feed. They’re completely cage free and can roam around. All are antibiotic and hormone free.

Who is the team behind NIKU Farms?

Jake Goldberg

Jake has always had a passion for the outdoors. In 2017, he quit his full-time management consulting job, packed his bag and a tent, and departed on 1-year adventure with his wife to explore beautiful sights around the world.

Spending so much time outdoors, he crossed paths with many farms across multiple countries, where people grew and raised their own food. Jake began thinking more deeply about where our own food comes from back home. In fact, he realised he really didn’t know where his food came from at all.

After a year abroad, his travels concluded but his frustration with the lack of transparency with the meat we eat did not. He had invested time learning about the importance of pasture raised meat for the environment and his own health, but struggled to find an easier way to find responsible meat to serve to his family at home.

He knew there must be others out there with the same frustrations. What started out as an investigation on where to buy ethically raised and tastier meats led to building NIKU so that more individuals had access to these meats too.

Luke Armstrong

Growing up in a small town, Luke always had access to locally produced products. He might not have known the farmers personally, but he knew where the farm was, and could easily visit anytime. After relocating to the city, he started to realize that it took a lot more effort to source products that he could trust.

He began a mission to visit as many specialty butcher shops as possible. There were two main things he learned:

  1. There’s great meat available, but there’s no transparency around how the animal was raised and what they ate.
  2. “I still wish I could easily drive out to the farm, and purchase the products directly.”

Luke is more than happy to support a system that ensures that farmers feed animals what they’re supposed to eat and treat them how they’re supposed to be treated. In turn, he knows that he’s getting a healthier, tastier product, while making sure the farmers are properly compensated to continue raising animals this way.