Our Farmers

NIKU Farms connects you to local, family farmers who have a commitment to quality, ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices. NIKU Farms only promotes farmers who let their animals roam freely on pasture, and who refuse to use hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Our farmers raise their animals in ways that are both ethical and humane.

We provide full transparency about each of the farms and how they raise their animals. See below for more information about our individual farm partners.

Heritage Cattle Co

100% Grass Fed Beef

Aaron, Ben and George MacDonald are the owners of Heritage Cattle Company, a local family farm operating in Keene, Ontario. They are located in beautiful farmland south of Peterborough.

They raise their animals the old fashioned way - always on pasture, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. The cattle is 100% grass fed start to finish. In the winter they feed hay (grass that is cut in the summertime). The cattle are always free to roam and have access to fresh spring water.

Heritage Cattle Co. has a passion for good farming practices because they believe in quality of product and quality of life. Their reputation is on the line, so they not only eat what they sell, but ensure that the same quality beef they want to eat is the same quality beef that they sell. Grass fed beef requires lots of good pasture, fences, and dedicated farmers; this is what they do best.

Stone Horse Farms

Pastured Pork & Chicken

Stone Horse Farm is a very local, family-owned farm in Innisfil. Owner and manager Lisa Peterson raises chickens and heritage Berkshire pigs on green pastures and non-GMO grains. The freedom to forage for natural food they desire is a win-win.

The animals live a stress-free life out in the sun with acres of lush greens to graze on, and we are treated to the incredible flavour of meat that is also nutrient dense and loaded with healthy fats and vitamins not found in confinement or free-range meat. You will instantly taste, smell and see the difference. No antibiotics or hormones are used.

Marita Fields

Pasture Chicken & 100% Grass Fed Beef

Marita Fields is a local farm in Grey County close to Dundalk Ontario. Owned and intensively managed by Marlin & Rita Martin and a family of six children.

Marlin & Rita both were raised on commercial feedlot and hog farms. They wanted something different for their own family. Less heavy metal equipment, and less big concrete barns. They let the animals harvest the grass, making hay with surplus and stockpiling for winter use.

As the name implies, they are all about the fields. Fields of grass with cattle grazing, geese foraging in grass paddocks, and chicken in shelters on grass. Turkeys strutting, wiltshire horned sheep in meadows, dutch harness horses and hackney ponies prancing in lush pastures. They love what they are doing, and you will love the results.