The foundation for most great ideas and innovative ways of perceiving the world is a conversation. Our goal with our Podcast, On Pasture, is to get people talking and taking action in their communities, using local food to promote good nutrition and better health, as well as practicing and encouraging environmental sustainability in the brands they use and the food they eat. If you want to engage with your local food community, this is the podcast for you.

October 3, 2019
Dr. John Dempster: The Dempster Clinic, Center for Functional Medicine

September 10, 2019
Bill Parke: Owner of Blackview Farm

September 1, 2019
Dr. Richard Bazinet: Science Behind Grass Fed

August 1, 2019
Andy Muto: Wellness Chef for Top Athletes

August 1, 2019
Paul DeCampo: Slow Food & Food Equity

July 20, 2019
Jill Weaver: Owner of Stock Exchange