Staying Analog in a Digital Industry

September 9, 2020

Our long-time and trusted partners Marlin and Rita from Martia Fields have brought traditional methods of farming back to reality. The two of them both grew up working on commercial farms with big machines and metal equipment but wanted something different for their own future farm. 

Marita Fields is now a farm that big heavy equipment and concrete barns have no place at. By traveling on buggies pulled by horsepower (literally), Marlin and Rita manage their pasture-raised and grass-fed animals with care and respect. They live a humble lifestyle as Mennonite farmers without digital technology and bring their farm back to its true original nature. 

If they don’t use digital technology, how do they get deliveries out to you? There are definitely some unique challenges working with an online platform like us, but here is how we meet in the middle and make it all work!

1. We chat with Marlin about 4 to 5 times per week by calling his landline because he does not own a cellphone.

2. Every Sunday when Marlin gets back from church, we finalize that week’s orders with him over the phone.

3. On Monday morning we email all the courier shipping labels to his friendly neighbour, who prints them all for Marlin. 

4. On Wednesday, Marlin takes his horse and buggy down the road to pick up the shipping labels. He packs the boxes, labels them, and prepares them for pick up from his farm. From his farm, the package is delivered directly to your home.

Although Marlin and Rita have never seen our website, our relationship is based on mutual trust and genuine connection. With the help of a very friendly neighbour and open communication we are able to bring the wonderful meats from Marita Fields straight from the farm to your door!

“Selling directly to the customer is the best kind of sale for my farm and family. I could sell far more meat if I raised animals on an industrial farm, and I could sell them for less. Instead, I raise them the right way, on my farm’s wide open pastures. Selling directly to the customer means we both get more value.” — Marlin Martin