Things Are Changing at Woolley’s Lamb!

August 26, 2020

Things are changing up on our partner @carriewoolley1’s farm. The lambs are rotating pastures and the ewe’s are enjoying cornfields. The lambs were originally on permanent pastures (where they were born), but have just recently rotated away from grazing their regular pastures to Carrie’s own sour cherry orchards. 

Her ewes are now grazing happily on a neighbouring farmer’s cornfield that has recently been harvested for its corn. And her lambs graze on their own orchards after harvesting. It’s a great way to maintain their farm-land all-year-round!  

At Schuyler’s Farm (their produce farm), it’s apple harvesting season! Apple season means that Carrie and Brett have recently prepared the juice apple harvester so it’s all ready to go, and have recruited over 200 people to help out on the farm and pick apples!