Tips for Cooking Lamb

July 29, 2020

No one knows lamb better than our farm partner Carrie Woolley from Woolleys Lamb. She shared some of her personal tips and favourite ways to enjoy lamb burgers! 

Grass-fed lamb is packed with richer flavour compared to its grain-fed counterpart – which makes for a pretty awesome starting point when cooking dinner. The biggest culprit when cooking lamb is overcooking which can make the meat dry or tough. Carrie suggests aiming for medium-rare when grilling your lamb steaks to avoid toughness. Since grass-fed lamb has lower fat content than grain fed, the cooking times are actually around 20-30% shorter – so keep an eye on your meat! 

Like we mentioned in this post here, remember to never flip your steaks by puncturing it with a fork. Save those flavour-packed juices!

Because grass-fed lamb is so rich, Carrie’s favorite way of enjoying it is by simply adding rosemary and a little salt and pepper. A little can go a long way with grass-fed meats because of their more complex and dimensional flavours. 

If you’ve got a grill coming up soon and you’re looking for new ways to enjoy your lamb, try a lamb burger with pre-made patties straight from Woolleys’ Lamb! Currently, these lamb burgers loaded up with a ton of garlic mayo is Carrie’s summertime go-to meal!

Woolleys’ Lamb is a sustainable family farm run by Carrie Woolley and her husband Bret Schuyler in Norfolk Country, Ontario. They’ve been recently featured on the Globe and Mail and are one of the leading biodynamic lamb farms in Ontario. We are proud to be partners with them, and if you’d like to support their work – sign up with NIKU Farms today and customize your first box from Woolleys’ Lamb!