Know You Cuts: Lamb Edition

July 29, 2020

There are many parts of a lamb that can get confusing if you aren’t familiar with certain names. We’ve put together this guide for you so you can feel confident about your selections when shopping for meals! 

We work with farmers who raise their lamb 100% on pasture and strive to provide the highest quality of meat for you and your family. Learn more about our lamb farmers here on our website. After you’ve read about the different cuts of lamb here, check out this post where our lamb farmer Carrie shared some tips about her favourite ways of enjoying lamb.

The Stew (Shoulder): Stewing and slow-roasting

This cut is lean but juicy and can be tougher than other parts, meaning getting the meat to tenderize can take some time. Stewing and slow roasting is the best way to approach this cut and keeping the bone-in while cooking allows for extra flavour as well. 

The Ribs: quick roasting and grilling

Arguably the most popular cut, the ribs are tender and juicy – best suited for quick grilling over the barbecue with lighter seasoning. Each individual cut is a little steak on its own and looks beautiful when plated.

Loin and Loin Chops: Roasting, quick frying or grilling 

This is the most tender part of the lamb when as a full piece, it is the ideal cut for roasting. Loin chops are perfect for grilling on a barbecue – but be careful because when grilling it is slightly leaner and should not be overcooked.

Sirloin: Roasting and grilling

The sirloin is flavourful and tender, most commonly served as steaks grilled on the barbecue. Lamb sirloins are leaner than beef sirloins and are best cooked rare to medium-rare to avoid overcooking.

The Leg: Roasting 

The most popular cut for roasts, the leg’s dark meat offers bountiful flavour and is tender through and through. This is the perfect cut for a hearty family dinner that everyone can enjoy. 

Breast and Flank: 

The breast, flank, and neck meat are often ground together to make ground lamb. These cuts are perfect for developing rich flavored lamb patties out of the ground meat and can be grilled on the stovetop or barbecue. 
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