Heritage Chickens are Hatching!

July 20, 2020

Being on an open field all day is hard when it’s 30 degrees outside with no clouds. When the weather gets hot, shade and water are essential for animals on pasture. In the heat, animals on pasture tend to adopt a lazy nature and lounge around more than usual. As the sun goes down in the evenings, that’s when the animals (and Bill the farmer) begin to pick up activity levels and enjoy the weather more. 

As we reach the hottest times of the year, the heritage breed eggs at Blackview Farm are hatching! Take a look below for some behind-the-scenes pictures straight from the farm to you.

Fun fact: did you know that hot weather impacts the hatching of baby chicks? Sometimes it makes them hatch a day earlier!

Bill and Michelle of Blackview Farm raise their chicken and pork on pasture at a home farm near Listowel, Ontario. They strive to bring you the best in grass-fed, finished, and pasture-raised meats, and their chicken is often rotated behind cattle to naturally ‘disinfect’ their fields by eating bugs. This encourages pasture to grow healthily and is a sustainable cycle between animal and pasture. 

Their sustainable practices and commitment to quality flavour make a big difference in their final product, and we invite you to try it for yourself. Sign-up today and begin customizing your first box from NIKU Farms!