On Pasture: Chef Andy Muto

July 8, 2020

For professional wellness chef Andy Muto, his background in food comes from home. He and his family would make their own cured meats, olives, and homemade tomato sauce just like his parents did growing up in Italy. It was all about connecting with his family. 

To Andy, food is more than just what you eat. It also has an emotional, social, spiritual, and mental component to it. When confronted by a series of unfortunate events related to the health and wellness of his loved ones, Andy decided to turn towards food for new solutions. 

Just like showing affection to our loved ones, choosing what to eat should come naturally for us and our diets should feel naturally balanced. If it’s December and you’re buying strawberries from the grocery store, chances are they are imported and packed full of pesticides to last the long trip to Canada. By choosing to eat naturally and locally, you eat what is actively in-season so you can guarantee it’s from Ontario and the freshest it can be. 

To hear more about how Andy cooks for high-performance athletes, listen to part two of this podcast here.