Pasture Farming and the Environment

June 23, 2020

At NIKU Farms, we are a sustainable business. It is not just our biodegradable and water-soluble Green Cell Foam packaging, but there are many benefits that pasture-raising and grass-feeding have on the environment and climate change. 

Pasture-Raising and the Environment:

Pasture-Raising and Climate Change:

These are just a few of the many benefits grass-fed and pasture-raising animal husbandry has. For information about nutritional benefits comparing grain versus grass-fed animals, visit our previous blog post here

NIKU Farms delivers grass-fed and pasture-raised meat directly from local Ontario farmers. All of the animals are antibiotic-free, have no added hormones, and are non-GMO. Join the movement and begin customizing your NIKU Farms box here!