Chickens on Pasture

May 20, 2020

Chickens on pasture can roam freely in natural environments where they feed on all the grass, seeds, and insects they want, assuming the weather allows for it. 

An often overlooked aspect of pasture-raising chickens is the matter of ever-changing seasons. These farmers have to raise a year’s worth of chicken between spring, summer, and fall because come winter – there would be no viable pasture for the poultry to graze. 

What’s Going on Now?

Right now is the perfect time for farm partners to begin nursing chicks in preparation for the oncoming warmer pasture-grazing season.

Blackview Farms for example, raises chicks in a brooder for around 30 days, then prepares to release them onto pasture. During this time, crumbled boiled eggs are a superfood for these brooding baby chicks, and sugar water provides extra energy. With extreme care and expertise, they’ll have these baby chicks out and about just in time for summer!

What Happens in Winter?

At the end of warmer seasons, all meat is flash frozen and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness for customers. It’s because of this that some customers may receive chicken dating a while back. But don’t worry, we assure you that the flash-frozen products remain fresh for up to 2 years and are safe for you and your family to enjoy.