Pumpkin Chickpea Pasta Bolognese

October 3, 2019

Nothing beats the classics. Maybe except for creative twists added to the classics. You wouldn’t expect to have such a creative Pasta Bolognese, but the second you add pumpkin, it’s next level!

Thanks to Lauren Scapillati, a holistic health coach and culinary nutritionist for this wonderful recipe. It has easy instructions and simple, ethically raised ingredients (aka NIKU Farms). It’s the perfect weeknight dish, and since this recipe uses chickpea pasta you’ll be able to keep your daily portion of carbs low. For more of Lauren’s recipes, be sure to check out her Health and Wellness blog here.

Ingredients (in order of use): Yields 3-4 servings


The recipe is not only quick and simple to make but Bolognese sauce is one of the few pasta sauces which are just as good when reheated.  This is why making a larger portion of the sauce may be a good idea to pair it with any type of pasta you desire. 

Now that it’s fall, it’s really the best time to stock up on Grass Fed Ground Beef. It’s easy to add to any of your NIKU Farms packages. Best part is that they are all delivered in individually vacuum sealed packages, so it’s easy to meal plan.