On Pasture: our brand new podcast

September 9, 2019

The foundation for most great ideas and innovative ways of perceiving the world is a conversation. In the process of building the business at NIKU Farms, we have had many opportunities to talk to and learn from people across different industries. This is why we decided to host our own podcast, On Pasture, and share these chats with you. You can check out all of our podcasts here. We believe in learning about the food we eat and it is important for us to pass this knowledge to our customers and audience. 

From the moment it’s planted to the moment we take our first bite, our food has a story to tell. Understanding that story helps us learn about the impact of our food choices on our health, the environment, and our economy. It makes us aware of what nutrients we give to our bodies and how we’re affecting our environment. 

On Pasture tells the story of an ideal food chain. Like you, we have questions about the food we eat. How does our food get to us? Who are our local farmers? Who’s doing research about what’s good for us? Who’s bringing the food to us? We’re starting conversations with the people who can answer those questions, like Andy Muto (Wellness Chef for the Gary Roberts High-Performance Training program), Jill Weaver (founder of Stock Exchange), and Paul DeCampo (former director of the Toronto Slow Food chapter).

By learning about our local food communities from people with high expertise and the resources we have available to us, we hope to inspire listeners to become more engaged in building up their own local food economies. Our goal to get people talking and acting in their communities, using local food to promote good nutrition and better health, as well as practicing and encouraging environmental sustainability in the brands they use and the food they eat. Local food can help us to feel more connected, more engaged, and live a more satisfying, meaningful life, contributing to a better future for our planet and ourselves. 

On Pasture is our chance to sit down and have an open conversation with people experienced in every part of the ideal food chain to learn and share stories about food with our listeners. If you want to engage with your local food community, this is the podcast for you. You can check out our podcasts here, share it with your friends or let us know what you think. If you know someone we should host, let us know!. We value your opinion and input.