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5 Things You’ll Need to Cook on a Camping Trip | NIKU Farms

July 6, 2022

If you’re headed out into the wilderness this summer for a good old-fashioned camping trip, you may be wondering what you need to pack to make some delicious meals while you’re gone.

Whether it’s the cooking utensils or the food itself, there are plenty of things you can’t forget to pack when you’re thinking about cooking in the great outdoors.

Here’s a good place to start when considering what you need to pack to eat well on your summer camping trip!

Two people sitting next to a campfire. A pot of food sitting over the fire, and one person is stirring the food.

A cooler filled with pasture-raised meat

It’s no surprise that you can’t have a camping trip without some pasture-raised meat from local Ontario farmers!

The best cuts to cook up in the great outdoors are part of meals that you can eat with your hands while sitting next to the fire.

We recommend a grass-fed burger patty, pasture-raised sausage, or chicken wings from one of our local farms for those outdoor-friendly finger foods. 

Cold drinks

Whether it’s an ice cold beer, an iced tea, or a fresh lemonade, it’s almost impossible to imagine your nights under the stars without a good, cold beverage by your side. 

Pack up a variety of beverages your family will all enjoy into a cooler with plenty of ice. 

A cook stove or grill

Now that you’ve got your food and a refreshing drink, you’re going to need something to cook on!

Some campsites will have a fire pit, grill included. But if you’re trekking out into the wilderness, you may need to bring your own. Just a simple grill that you can place over a campfire is good enough to help you cook up your grass-fed meat dishes over the heat.

Cast iron pan

A cast iron pan might be the best piece of cooking equipment you can bring camping.

It retains heat well, it’s sturdy and will hold up to the elements, and it’s super versatile – you can cook almost anything in a cast iron pan. And because they conduct heat so evenly across their surfaces, cast iron will actually make your camping meals even more delicious!

Supplies to make s’mores

And of course, camping isn’t camping without a good s’more! Graham cracker cookies, a slab of chocolate, and a freshly toasted marshmallow is the most nostalgic way to finish up your campfire meal.

Even if you don’t like s’mores, try tossing a chewy chocolate chip cookie on your campfire grill for a few seconds, until it gets chewier and the chocolate chips get a bit melty. Get creative and find your perfect way to finish your night on a sweet note.

Brainstorming what cuts of meat you might like to bring on your next summer camping trip? Head over to our products page to check out our selection of grass-fed, pasture-raised meat and fish products!