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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Grill Master in Your Life | NIKU Farms

June 6, 2022

Are you brainstorming Father’s Day gift ideas for the father figure in your life?

If the person you’re gifting for is a fan of hosting family barbecues or grilling up some grass-fed cuts at the cottage, we’ve got some ideas on how to treat them this Father’s Day!

Whether you want to give some cool grilling toys or some high-quality food to cook up, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you.

Overhead image of various fish and meat on a wooden table, on top of cutting boards, in cast iron pans, and prepared to be eaten.

Barbecue Accessories

Has Dad been wanting some new utensils for the backyard barbecue? Have you noticed his grilling tools getting a little rusty? Time for an upgrade!

A simple grill brush, some new tongs, a fun apron, or a silicone brush to coat your delicious dishes in BBQ sauce would be an affordable way to spruce up your barbecues this summer. 

You may also want to look into barbecue accessories like a smoker box, a burger press, charcoal, wood chips for smoking, or anything that would take Dad’s grilling to the next level!

Cooking and Prep Tools

Barbecues don’t just happen on the grill – they start in the kitchen! 

Take a look around your kitchen and see what other tools Dad might need to execute amazing barbecue. Consider getting him some good steak knives, a new cutting board, or cast iron pan to make cooking up his favourite dishes a little bit easier. 

BBQ Rubs and Spices

You don’t just have to gift BBQ tools; you can also give Dad the actual flavours he’ll want to use on the grill!

The best thing about this gift is you can never have too many spices. Even if he’s already got a good supply of allspice or his favourite barbecue spice rub, it doesn’t hurt to have more. 

Check out your family’s spice rack and brainstorm some spices that might excel his barbecue potential this summer!

Vegetables from a Local Farmer

Of course, it won’t be a barbecue without the food! If Dad appreciates a good, organic vegetable haul, grab a box of Loco Fields organic veggies at our online NIKU Farms marketplace

Whether your family loves to grill your vegetables, or have a cool, crisp salad on the side of your barbecued, pasture-raised meat, there’s nothing that goes perfectly with delicious meat quite like a good, refreshing veggie.

A NIKU Farms Meat Delivery

It goes without saying that Dad loves to grill, he would probably appreciate high-quality, grass-fed meat from a local Ontario farm.

A NIKU Farms meat delivery would make a great gift for Dad this year. Just choose the farm you want to buy from, then choose all of the meat in your order, and get it delivered to your front door within one week!