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Pasture Raised Brunch Recipes for the Family | NIKU Farms

May 18, 2022

Looking for ways to add pasture-raised meat and wild caught fish to your brunch menu this summer? We’ve got you covered!

Our farmers’ pasture-raised and grass-fed meat products are a great way to add some delicious, healthy protein to your meal without making it too heavy. 

Whether you can’t get enough bacon or you prefer a good eggs benny, there’s something in this blog for you! Take a look at the recipes below, and tag us in your NIKU recipes on Instagram.

An overhead view of bacon, eggs, toast and veggies served in a black dish. The wooden table also has orange slices and a cutting board topped with avocado toast.

Eggs Benedict

When you think about brunch, it’s hard not to think about a toasted English muffin with meat and veggies topped with a poached egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict is a brunch dish that hits the spot every time – all you have to do is choose your favourite pasture-raised meat to include!

We recommend using rainbow trout as a salmon replacement, if you’re into a fresh, fishy benny. But if that’s not for you, you can always add pasture-raised pork. Either way, you won’t be let down!


There’s a reason BLTs are classic – they’re tasty and so simple! A good, thick toast, some crispy lettuce, slice of tomato, and bacon cooked just the way you like. Grab a pack of grass-fed bacon with your next NIKU Farms delivery, and hook yourself up with a flavourful sandwich.

Why not make this recipe your own by adding spices, mayo, or a slice of your favourite cheese!

Chipotle Beef Hash

Is it really brunch without some form of potatoes? Try cooking up some crispy home fries and mixing in some juicy grass-fed ground beef or stewing beef – then add your vegetables and spices! 

Chopped red bell pepper, onions, jalapenos, and kale are a few ideas. Then you can mix in some cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and include a side of chipotle mayo sauce to dip.

Bacon & Banana Pancakes

If you prefer a sweeter brunch menu, you’re probably going to want some pancakes! Add some maple syrup from one of our farms to your next delivery, and – here’s the best part – don’t forget to grab a pack of bacon.

Cook up your pancakes including your family’s favourite fruit – bananas, blueberries, or strawberries are great for this. You can make it a little extra sweet, because you’ll be topping the pancakes with a couple crispy strips of bacon! The sweet and salty combination is sure to make everyone at the table satisfied.

Chicken and Waffles

Speaking of sweet and salty, we couldn’t forget chicken and waffles! Thick, fluffy waffle topped with maple syrup and your favourite cut of pasture-raised chicken fried to perfection. What’s not to love? 

If you’re getting inspired to host a family and friends brunch this summer, keep some of these ideas in mind when customizing your next NIKU Farms meat delivery!