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Variety Box of Pasture Raised Meat from NIKU Farms

May 9, 2022

What’s inside your ideal NIKU Farms box?
Chicken? Beef? Bison? Fish? All of the above?

Our boxes are 100% customizable every month, so you can choose which farm to buy from, and add their products to your box. But what if you want a bigger variety of grass-fed proteins?

The NIKU Farms “Marketplace” is an option you have when selecting a farm that allows you to purchase pasture-raised chicken from Back to Nature Organics Farm, grass-fed beef from Blackview Farm, wild caught fish from John O’s Foods, and Bison from Big Rock Bison in the same box!

Take a look below at what you can add to a variety box of meat supporting multiple family-owned Ontario farms.

A NIKU Farms box on a countertop surrounded by various types of pasture raised meat and fish.

Grass-Fed Beef from Blackview Farm

The beef options at Blackview Farm are truly impressive. No matter what kind of beef meal you’re planning on cooking, Blackview has products that will take your dinner to the next level.

They offer a wide variety of steak cuts that will spark the creativity of any home chef. From grill-ready steaks, to steaks that would make a delicious upper scale romantic dinner, they’ve got it all.

Besides grass-fed steak, Blackview also offers grass-fed beef brisket, short ribs, and stewing beef that are succulent and would make a delicious meal for your family.

If you’re looking for something a little easier to cook up – Blackview’s beef sausages and ground beef are incredibly versatile ingredients that serve as the great base of a weeknight dinner.

Sustainable Fish from John O’s Foods

If you’re more of a fish household, John O’s fresh fish is for you!

You can grab some rainbow trout and cook up salmon-like fillets, or the fish sliders that would be perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

Organic Chicken from Back to Nature

The organic, pasture-raised chicken products from Back to Nature Organics are naturally succulent and begging to be grilled this summer.

This farm’s large chicken breasts can easily feed a family of four – each! Or throw a chicken drum or thigh on the barbecue with your favourite spices for a flavourful family gettogether. 

Grass-Fed Bison from Big Rock Bison

If you’ve been wanting to try some bison products – this is the best way to add bison to your box without committing to entirely bison!

Whether it’s ground bison or the fan-favourite bison burgers, Big Rock Bison’s grass-fed products are super lean, versatile and ultimately flavourful. 

And you can mix and match any of these products in one box! When it’s time to build your next NIKU meat delivery, check out the products in the Marketplace!