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Turning Weeknight Dinners into Healthy Meals | NIKU Farms

April 13, 2022

Is your family a fan of fast food classics? Can’t get enough of your go-to weeknight dinner meals, but wish they were healthier? We’re here to help.

You don’t have to change your habits or cut out your favourite foods – you just have to make healthier versions of those foods to make a difference. Our grass-fed, pasture-raised meat is a great place to start making those small changes in your family’s diet!

Whether you want a burger and fries, or a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs, we’ve got some ideas to take your family’s classic favourites and turn them into something a little bit healthier without sacrificing flavour!

Pasture raised sausage on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese. There are pickles on the plate with the bun, and a beer next to the plate.

Burger and Fries

Making a healthy version of burger and fries might feel a little hard to reach, but by making a couple of replacements here and there you’ll be turning it into a healthier dish than the version you’re used to!

Try swapping out your regular fries with sweet potato, and bake instead of frying them! If you’re up for it, you could also replace fries entirely with something like celery and carrot sticks with a good dip.

In terms of your burgers, try cooking up NIKU Farms chicken, lamb or bison burger patties which are on the leaner side than beef. You could even replace the patties entirely with portobello mushrooms, or use lettuce instead of a bun.

Chicken Fingers

If you’re looking to make your chicken finger recipe a little healthier, swap out the breadcrumb coating for basic seasoning. Instead of flour, egg and breading, just season your sliced pasture-raised chicken breast with salt and pepper, and if you’d like to get creative, add minced garlic, sliced onions, or give it some heat with cayenne pepper.

Make sure your dipping sauce is also something like barbecue sauce or plum sauce, rather than a creamier dip like ranch.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Turning spaghetti and meatballs into a healthier meal for your family is super easy and delicious! Switch out the beef meatballs with grass-fed chicken or turkey meatballs; use whole wheat pasta; and add some of your favourite chopped vegetables to the sauce like mushrooms or zucchini!

Sausage on a Bun

Making your favourite sausage meal into something healthy is pretty straight-forward: use a lean NIKU Farms grass-fed sausage, instead of the fattier grocery store options. Use a whole wheat bun instead of white, and when it comes to toppings, just be mindful!

Instead of covering your sausage in cheese, think about using spinach, onions, hot peppers, or other super flavourful vegetables.

Now that we’ve got your cooking creativity flowing, head over to our products page and take a look at some grass-fed meat you can use in your recipes!