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The Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef | NIKU Farms

March 30, 2022

Our partner farms provide pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-GMO meat products with no added hormones for your NIKU Farms subscription box. But what does that mean for you? For your body? For your family’s health?

We’re here to let you know the health benefits of our farmers’ grass-fed meat products, and why it’s healthier to go with a pasture-raised meat box instead of your typical grocery store meat options!

A herd of cattle in the pasture, one cow has stopped grazing and is looking into the camera.

Less calories and overall saturated fat

Cows are meant to eat grass.

When they’re fed grains and given hormones for the purpose of fast weight gain, they have a higher fat content in the muscle.

If cows are pasture-raised, and given the opportunity to eat what their digestive systems are meant to eat, they’re much leaner. Their meat ends up containing about 25% less fat content than feedlot cattle.

Two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids

Most meats have a lot of unhealthy fats due to overfeeding to get the animals bigger, faster. When you grass-feed your animals, the fat contents of its meat are filled with the healthy fats your body needs.

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of cancer, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce inflammation.

Rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin E

Grass-fed beef is much higher in vitamin B and vitamin E.

Vitamin B supports heart function, as well as nerve and muscle activity, and cell energy production. It gives your body the good energy it needs to function properly on a daily basis.

Vitamin E helps to lower risks of heart disease and cancer. Many people are vitamin E deficient, so grass-fed meat is a great way to increase your intake!

Higher magnesium, potassium, and calcium

If you aren’t already convinced that grass-fed is the way to go for your health, it’s also higher in magnesium (which benefits blood circulation), potassium (which reduces the risk of high blood pressure), and calcium (which boosts bone, nerve, and muscle health)!

Now that you know how good grass-fed beef is for your body in comparison to usual grocery store beef, don’t forget to add your favourite cuts to your next NIKU Farms meat delivery box! Get those 100% grass fed, high quality meats delivered to your door!