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Essential Spices and Seasoning for Your Pantry | NIKU Farms

March 23, 2022

A spice or seasoning can make or break your meals, and our pasture-raised meat products are begging for you to take them to the next level!

You’ve signed up for high-quality wild caught seafood and pasture raised meat deliveries – let’s let that custom box shine! Whether it’s a rub, a marinade, or just a dash of flavour, you want your spice rack to be properly stocked so your high-quality meat isn’t bland.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your spice rack, we’ve got some suggestions for you below to ensure your meat and fish are well-seasoned with more than just salt and pepper!

Two cuts of raw steak, seasoned and prepped for cooking.

Garlic Powder

Though it may not be as good as minced garlic, garlic powder definitely adds the flavour your dish needs in a pinch! Use it in rubs for your beef, or create your own spice blend with it to coat your chicken wings. 

You can also use garlic powder to season your sauces, dressings, or gravy. Or you can use it to cook up a tasty garlic bread for your meal!


Sure, cinnamon is more commonly known for its uses in baking, but adding a pinch of cinnamon to your savory meals can create a wonderful depth in flavour.

Try putting cinnamon in your favourite curry, chili, stew, or soup! It goes really well with a warm butternut squash, or adds a bit of seasoning to your pork recipes. 


Oregano is great if you’re a fan of Mediterranean flavours. Add a pinch of oregano to your bolognese pasta sauce or on top of a pizza to kick it up a notch.

Why not try putting some oregano in a rub when cooking lamb for your family to get a truly Mediterranean dish?


Rosemary is another super versatile herb that can go with almost anything you make! Add a sprig of rosemary to your roast pasture raised chicken with lemon slices for a fresh flavour and fragrance!

But it doesn’t only work with grass-fed poultry; use rosemary with lamb, pork, fish or steak. You can also add rosemary to casserole, salads, or stews.

Red Pepper Flakes

If you like your meals with a little spice, you probably want to keep red pepper flakes on hand! You can add these flakes to so many dishes: use them in a marinade for your meat, sprinkle some on top of your pizza, incorporate it in your pasta sauce, sprinkle some on top of your meat of choice after grilling… We could go on and on.

Try cooking up some grass fed meatballs with red pepper flakes for a kick, or use it as a crust on your fish or seafood dishes!

Cayenne Pepper

Red pepper flakes not hot enough for you? Cayenne pepper will always bring the heat and add a kick to almost anything.

Add it to a curry sauce, marinade, or use it to make your own hot sauce or spice rub. Make hot chicken wings, burger patties, or incorporate it into dishes like tacos or fajitas for a traditional Mexican flavour.

What spices and seasonings can you not live without? Think about it next time you’re building your NIKU Farms meat subscription box!