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Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas | NIKU Farms

February 4, 2022

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do for that romantic dinner date with your partner. Do you order in from your favourite restaurant? Do you try to cook up a fancy meal?

Cooking something yourself might feel intimidating, especially if your relationship is still new and you’re not extremely comfortable in the kitchen. We’ve got some romantic meal inspiration that will give you the confidence you need to cook your partner a delicious dinner for the occasion!

You could even try prepping and cooking your meal together. It’s a great way to bond over a date night activity! 

Steak and potatoes dinner on a fancy plate, served with salad.

Baseball Steak

Is there anything more romantic than a thick, juicy, medium rare steak? Grab a pack of baseball steaks from Blackview Farm in your next NIKU meat delivery to make this steak dinner a reality. 

Sear your baseball steaks on the stove top or grill a few minutes each side, and then put them in the oven at 450F for about 7-10 minutes. Feel free to season with salt and pepper, add garlic, or wrap your steaks in pasture raised bacon strips to dress them up a bit!

Serve with potatoes and vegetables as a side dish for the final touches.

Stuffed Chicken

Looking for a way to dress up our pasture raised chicken breasts for your Valentine’s date?

Cut the thick breasts lengthwise until they’re nearly halved, and stuff them! Add fresh spinach, small pieces of tomato, and your favourite cheese (mozzarella is great here), and then put your chicken breasts in the oven to bake!

Serve with your favourite roasted vegetables as a side dish.

Garlic Seafood Bites

Add some fish sliders to your NIKU Farms box, or pick up your favourite scallops or shrimp from your local store, and make them super succulent for your date!

Use a deep dish, and create a layer of your seafood of choice. Then coat the seafood with butter, minced garlic, and scatter some lemon slices around the platter. Bake until cooked, and then sprinkle some parsley to top off your incredibly tasty seafood bites.

Cajun Rainbow Trout

Next time you order your NIKU Farms box, add a couple of rainbow trout fillets to your order for a special night in! The trout can be treated similarly to salmon, so you can make a beautiful trout dish with pasta.

Coat your trout with butter and cajun spice mix, then put in the oven at 415F degrees for 15 minutes. While the trout is cooking, put your spaghetti or pasta of choice on the stove until cooked through.

Plate the spaghetti and then top with your spicy trout fillet.

Don’t Forget Dessert

A romantic meal isn’t complete without dessert! Whether it’s a luxurious chocolate or red velvet cake, or a fruit and cheese plate, you’ll want something your partner loves to put that sweet note at the end of your special dinner.

Now that we’ve got you inspired to cook your date a meal, head over to our products page and think about what pasture raised meats you’d like to cook up for Valentine’s!