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Sustainable food choices for your family | NIKU Farms

January 7, 2022

At NIKU Farms, sustainability is our number one priority. We choose to support local farmers to fix a broken food system, ensuring that the farm is safe for the animals and the environment, on top of supporting local small businesses.

Whether its supporting small businesses and sustainable agriculture, saving our natural resources, or reducing pollution from typical means of animal production, there are so many ways you can help the environment by learning about the food you’re buying.

We’re here to help teach you how to make good, sustainable choices when it comes to the food you eat and how you eat it!

A brown chicken in a bright green field with corn stalks in the distance.

Eat Locally

Support local farmers and local food businesses with your dollars.  By buying your food from local growers, you’re saving the environment from the pollution caused by the importing of foods and food production in general. Reduce your carbon footprint and shop local.

Supporting local businesses and farmers markets shows your community governments what types of businesses are important to you and your family.

Reduce Your Food Waste

Buy foods with recyclable packaging, or with little plastic packaging. You can also reduce your general food waste by cooking less, or saving your leftovers and using them up throughout the week. 

It doesn’t just stop at food waste – making sustainable choices carries into your kitchen in a number of ways. Try carrying reusable bags to the store instead of taking more thin, plastic bags home and tossing them in the trash later, too! Switch from paper towels to cloth, or use bamboo utensils instead of plastic!

Eat All Produce Equally

A lot of fruits and vegetables go to waste because they don’t look perfect, so they don’t get bought and then they get tossed in the trash. But all produce tastes the same! Buy the less pretty produce to help reduce waste, and they’ll still taste just as great.

Mix Up Your Diet

Make sure you’re not just eating meat. Weird that we’re the ones saying this, isn’t it? If you’re eating meat, make sure it’s locally raised or grass-fed, and try making one night a week veggie day to cut back on your intake. It’s a small step, but it really helps the environment!

Pay More Attention to Your Choices

Notice what you’re eating and where you’re spending your money on food. Start being more aware of those choices, and how each decision affects the world around you – animals, local businesses, and the environment.

The choices you make to support sustainable food systems now will increase the ability of future generations to make even better choices moving forward.

Ready to start making some sustainable food choices? Check out our pasture-raised meat and ethically-sourced fish, and consider where your food is really coming from the next time you head to the grocery store.