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NIKU Farms Unboxing: Pasture Raised, Grass Fed

November 22, 2021

If you’ve been wondering what you get in a NIKU Farms box – that can be a hard question for us to answer, because the reality is – you choose every item you get in every box!

You choose the farm you want to support. You choose which pasture-raised and grass-fed meats, sustainable fish, or pantry favourites you want to add to your box. And you choose when you get it.

To help you better understand what you can get in our meat subscription box, one of our team members has offered to give you a peek into her November order to show you what will feed her family of two!

Take a look at this particular NIKU Farms unboxing to see just one of the many options of pasture raised meat you can get with your high quality cuts of meat delivered to your door!

Various cuts of pasture raised meat and pantry picks in this meat subscription box.

What’s in This Box

4 packs, 1lb ground beef
3 chicken breasts
2 fillets of rainbow trout
1 pack, 4 beef burger patties
1 pack, 1lb side bacon
1 container of pure maple syrup

This Can Feed You For…

You’re probably wondering how much meat this actually is, and what it means for your family. 

The portions of meat are fairly large – one package of meat is large enough to feed a family of four, even one of our pasture-raised chicken breasts can easily be sliced to feed four people! So it’s no surprise that this box of meat can go a long way in feeding your family.

Meals We Can Make

To give you an idea of what you can do with all of this grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken, here’s what our team member is planning to do with this NIKU Farms box.

Four pounds of ground beef will be made into spaghetti sauce – one pound can feed her family of two for two meals. 

Each chicken breast can be cut into quarters and will last two meals, likely made into barbecue chicken, chicken parmesan, or a healthy protein addition to a veggie-heavy stir fry.

The rainbow trouts will be cut in two, allowing two dinners of lemon-seasoned trout with veggies or pasta. 

Four beef patties means two juicy burger dinners for this family, and a pound of bacon can be added to delicious breakfasts or can be sliced up and added to salads or sandwiches.

And the pure maple syrup will hang out in the fridge and be used on waffles, pancakes, and in many variations of overnight oats! 

Take a look at all of the products our farms offer and start to think about the possibilities of what you can make with just one NIKU Farms box!