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How to Organize Your Freezer | NIKU Farms

November 10, 2021

Whether you use the freezer in your refrigerator, or you have a deep freeze in the basement, we can bet your freezer is probably in a state of disarray. It’s just so easy to do your shopping, or receive your NIKU Farms box, and throw anything that needs to be frozen in the freezer wherever it fits.

But then when it’s time to do your cooking, you have no idea what you have in there, how many cuts of meat might be buried behind old frozen pizzas, or what’s been expired for a while.

Below are some tips to help organize your freezer so you know exactly where your pasture raised meat is, and when you should be eating it!

A NIKU Farms box on a marcle countertop with the frozen pasture raised chicken and grass fed beef.

Take inventory of what you have and need

When you’re first starting to organize your freezer, it’s important to take note of what you already have, and what items you might need to stock up on. You don’t want to end up buying more of the same products before you’ve eaten them!

Use containers to divide by date

Use transparent bins or containers to separate your freezer foods by expiry date. That way you know to eat everything in one container before moving onto the next, and avoid losing older products in the bottom of the freezer.

Pro tip: you don’t need any fancy dividers to keep your food storage clean and organized! Use the top shelf for fruits and veggies, and the bottom shelf for ice cream if you need to!

Insert boxes vertically

If you’ve got a lot of frozen foods, try placing them vertically instead of stacking horizontally on top of one another – it’s a huge space saver, and looks much more organized!

Label items that aren’t in boxes

Are you the person who removes their groceries from the packaging and individually seals their frozen products? Make sure each container is labelled with the product name and expiry date, so as not to lose track of what needs to be eaten when.

Freeze by serving size

If you tend to buy in bulk but you’re a smaller household, try repackaging and freezing your meat in smaller serving sizes! It’ll help you to avoid cooking more than you need, and prevent you from wasting your food! Minimize food waste by sorting bags of frozen food by which ones will expire first.

Group by category

For added organization in the freezer, try grouping your food into containers or sections of the freezer by category. Fruits and vegetables, meat, sweet treats, etc. You’ll get a better idea of what you need to restock next time you’re shopping!

Try implementing one or more of these tips to help keep an organized refrigerator!