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Why pasture raised meat is healthier for you

September 15, 2021

At NIKU Farms, we take incredible pride in saying that all of our partner farms provide the best pasture raised meat. But what does it mean for you and your family that our animals are raised on pasture? What are the health benefits of eating pasture raised, and why should you care about those health benefits?

Pasture raised means that the animals have been raised naturally on pasture on the farm, rather than in a confined factory or under inhumane conditions. When it comes to our partner farms, these pasture raised animals are grass-fed, non-GMO, with no added hormones.

A variety of grass fed cows on pasture, enjoying a bite to eat.

Not only does this allow the animals to be raised in a natural environment where they can live happily, but it makes the meat healthier for humans.

By raising the animals cage free, and growth hormone free, raised without antibiotics, the farm animals’ health is open to naturally occurring hormones. It allows for this method of meat production to be much healthier for both the animals and the people eating their meat.

According to FoodPrint, “In addition to being lower in calories and total fat, pasture raised foods have higher levels of vitamins and a healthier balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats than conventional meat and dairy products.” 

Conventional factories will add hormones or antibiotics to their animals to fatten them up more quickly, to rush production of their meat. By allowing the animals to graze naturally without these antibiotics, the product is less fatty and much healthier (and more delicious!)

Grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork is actually full of vitamin A, E, B12, B6, iron, zinc, and other antioxidants.

So when you order pasture raised meat from NIKU Farms, you can be confident that our farms are raising their meat right, and giving you the highest quality, most tasty meat they can!

Learn more about our partner farms and their commitment to pasture raising their animals.