A Closer Look at Supply Chains

November 13, 2020

The journey that grocery store beef has to go through in the commercial industry is very long and convoluted. What we have pictured is just a simplified version omitting exports, preservatives, inventory-taking, etc. In reality, there are many more steps that are taken for you to see a packaged cut of steak from Alberta, in your Ontario grocery store. 

Commercial meat from grocery stores goes through many different facilities before reaching your home, and farmers often are just small players in the grand scheme of things. According to CBC News, two large scale Albertan beef farms account for 70% of Canadian federally processed meat sales, and 90% of all Canadian meat ends up crossing provincial borders for sale or export. This is the case because the industry’s focus is on volume, and to produce meat at such extremely high speeds it takes a very large farm in order to handle it, and not many small local farmers have the means to provide that type of service. 

Our system at NIKU Farms works very differently because we put the customers and farmers first. We establish partnerships by forming genuine relationships with farmers. Our farmers raise, all of their animals directly on their own farms before sending out your orders for delivery. We provide them with biodegradable packaging, shipping information, and schedule the delivery on their behalf. This decreases a multitude of steps in the food process and we are able to keep things local for you and your community. The best way to think about it, we’re really just an online farmers market!

Your online orders are sent directly through to your farmers digitally (leaving no paper waste) and are delivered to you in one simple delivery trip. You don’t even have to leave your house! Although it may seem like our deliveries may increase food mileage, our farmers are never too far away from you, and by cutting out the middle men, we get your meat to you more transparently and quickly! 

If you’re interested in trying out locally sourced grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, sign up with NIKU Farms now and begin customizing your first box today!