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How it Works

You customize your own packages

Select your farm and build a new package for each delivery. New orders submitted by Sunday at midnight will be delivered on Thursday.

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We send your order to the farm

Your order is sent directly to the local farm where it is packaged for delivery. We have high standards for our partner farms, and all of the meat is raised on pasture with no antibiotics and no added hormones.

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Your package is delivered to your door

Your meat package will arrive in an insulated box so it stays frozen. Our packaging is biodegradable and curbside recyclable.

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What's in the Box?

Sample ingredients of a typical Chicken & Beef Box

Niku Box

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What Our Customers Say
"Ethical, Tasty, and Well Priced"

Such amazing quality meats! I had learned about this company while at the Baby Show in Mississauga and am so glad that I did. We had been looking for a company that was ethical, tasty, and well priced. So glad we found them! I absolutely LOVE their ground beef and I am super picky. This company makes me want to eat more meat. :) Thank you for being our go-to company for such good quality meats that are close to home. I suggest it to all of my friends now.

Jasmine Allen

Mississauga, Ontario

"Quality of the Meat is Unsurpassed"

We have been purchasing our meats at Costco for years now and have been itching to make a change over to more locally sourced, GMO/ Antibiotic/ Hormone free products. NIKU has made the change so easy (delivered right to our door) and worthwhile. The quality of the meat is unsurpassed. We especially enjoy the chicken leg quarters - they are exceptional!                                                                                                                                                                        

Alexis Sweetnam

Toronto, Ontario

"Came Beautifully Packaged"

I have only had one order so far, but was very impressed. The meat came beautifully packaged - delivered on time. I signed up for the membership and ordered the beef package - a wonderful selection. We cooked the steak at the weekend and it was truly delicious - grass fed really tastes so much nicer, and I love thinking of animals outside enjoying pasture. Order - you won't be disappointed!

Simone Odendaal

North York, Canada