Upcycling: Insulated Liner Plant Food

September 30, 2020

Did you know that cornstarch is a secret weapon for gardening? Not too many people know, but this 100% natural pantry ingredient is super effective in things like water retention, carbon absorption, and quicker growth for your plants. 

Our 100% biodegradable, compostable, and water-soluble insulated liners also happen to be made of over 90% corn starch. Which means…hello plant food! Dissolve your liners in some water and watch as these applications below begin to come alive next spring! 

  1. Your Plants Will Grow Faster:

Soak your corn, tomato, and bean seeds in a cornstarch & water paste before planting them in the springtime. The energy generated by the cornstarch breaking down helps to keep your seeds warm and leads to faster growth rates! 

  1. Improve Your Soil Structure: 

According to this study, corn starch has the ability to help replenish the structure of coastal soils and boost root strength. Corn starch also contains the highest amount of organic carbon when it’s dissolved, which is great for your plants and also increases carbon soil penetration resistance. (that’s good for the environment!) 

  1. Increase Water Retention: 

Adding cornstarch helps to replenish moisture and also increases your soil’s water retention. 

You can dissolve your Green Cell Foam liners in a bowl of water over-night and wait for it to fully dissolve before watering your plants. If you want an instant application, stir as well as you can and apply. Your little bits will dissolve with the damp soil around it so there is no need to worry. 

Happy gardening!